Security Training and Licensing in Manitoba

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Sting Executive Group International, Inc. ( is approved to deliver 'Manitoba Security Guard Training Program' by the Manitoba Private Investigators and Security Guard Training Programs Division.  

How Do I Become A Security Guard?

In Manitoba, all Security Guards must be licensed under the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act .  Under this Act, all Security Guards are required to complete the 40 hour mandatory Manitoba Security Guard Training Program.  


To get your Manitoba Security Guard License and start working, follow the steps below:


1.     Obtain your CHILD ABUSE REGISTRY CHECK (CARC) by going to 777 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3G 0N3.  The fee is $15.00 and is payable when you apply.  As it may take between 2 and 3 weeks for your CARC to be processed, it is strongly advised that you apply for this at your earliest opportunity.


2.     Apply for your CRIMINAL RECORDS CHECK (CRC) by going to the Winnipeg Police Headquarters at 245 Smith St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1K1 or the Commissionaires at 290 Burnell St, Winnipeg, MB R3G 2A7. If you live in a rural area your local RCMP detachment can process your CRC. Fees starts at $30.00 depending on where you apply and if you require fingerprinting.  You do not need a vulnerable sector search completed to work as as security guard.  Wait times vary between 2 business days and 5 weeks for a regular CRC, and up to 6 months for finger printing depending on the agency.


3.     Register for and complete training with an approved training provider (Sting Executive Group International) is an approved training provider. Learn more about our Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) course.  


4.     Write and pass your Security Guard licensing exam.  Exams are scheduled twice per month through approved training providers only.  After completing the 40 hours of training you are eligible to write the licensing exam up to 3 times at a cost of $25 per exam. If after 3 attempts you are not successful, you are required to take the training program again as required by Manitoba Justice. 

See Upcoming Course Dates

Exam Dates are pre-determined by Manitoba Justice and held at: 

Auditorium (Basement Level) of the Norquay Building, 401 York Street OR 12th Floor Boardroom, 405 Broadway, Manitoba. Please check the Manitoba Website for upcoming dates and times.


5.     Complete the application for security license application


6.     Take your completed application form with a copy of your CARC, CRC, digital photo as per MB Justice requirements, $30 fee and certificate provided by your trainer to: 


Manitoba Justice 

155 Carlton Street, Suite 1800, 

Winnipeg, MB R3C 5R9


7.     Processing of your application may take as long as 2-3 weeks, so the earlier you apply the better.  Ensure your application is complete as incomplete applications will be returned which may result in a delay of your license being issued.  No security guards in Manitoba are eligible to start work unless they are in possession of a current and up to date Security Guard License.


For more information on the requirements for Security Licensing in Manitoba and to view the Manitoba Basic Security Guard Particpant Manual - please click here.


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