Online ABST Exam Prep. for Security Professionals

Unlimited 1 Hour Testing

Online Course

$9.99 +GST

Target Audience: Those needing to write the ABST Provincial Exam that would like more practice before taking the exam.

Length: Unlimited access 24/7 for 15 days

Completion: 80% minimum passing grade 

Accreditation: with ABST - SOLGPS

Course content:

Not sure if Security is for you?  Not confident you would pass the provincial exam with the training you received?  Enroll now in our Exam Prep for Security Professionals to help you prepare for the Alberta provincial exam. This tool is great assessment tool for those who are currently in the security field or for those who wish to seek employment as a Security Guard, Loss Prevention Worker, Executive Security or Alarm Responder. 

The cost is only $9.99 for 15 days of access to online testing.  Exam Prep for SP's consists of tips and tricks which will help you pass the provincial exam and gives you access to over 500 exam questions, 24 hours per day, for 15 days.  The Exam Prep course does not replace mandatory training required in your province.  It is a tool to help students prepare for the provincial examination and move up in their rank.

The outcome for this program is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:

  •         Introduction to the Professional Security Industry
  •         The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals
  •         Basic Security Procedures
  •         Communication for Security Professionals
  •         Documentation and Evidence
  •         Emergency Response Procedures for Security Professionals
  •         Health and Safety for Security Professionals


Take-Home Materials:

    Practice Exams



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