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Setting up an Employer Account with Sting allows you to provide certified training to your staff in security, investigations, health and safety, supervision, and more…


Benefits of setting up an Employer Account with Sting:

  • Access to online training portal and training records 24 hours, 7 days per week
  • Keep track of employee training records
  • Provide cost-effective and efficient training to staff
  • Provide mandatory training to staff in security and investigations
  • Provide refresher training and/or quizzes to ensure staff keep abreast to changes within the company and industry as a whole
  • Provide and implement policy and procedure training to staff
  • Create customized training courses
  • Save time and money by accessing online training and certification
  • Compliant with Health and Safety Regulation

"The amount of health and safety regulation and enforcement is steadily increasing."

Sting introduced the Employer Account as a way to allow employers to meet these increasing requirements for not only health and safety compliance but offer mandatory training throughout Canada. The main benefit at that time was a simple way to schedule training. This helped HR professionals and Managers to schedule their training.

Employees love the flexibility of the online delivery. It is easy to setup an account, add trainees and assign access codes to various training courses. You have access to training portal 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Trainees could start and stop the training and take it at a time that fit their schedule and learning preferences. It is a win-win situation! The training managers get an efficient way to manage employee training and the lower online delivery cost lets them train more for the same or less training dollars.

The trainees were now able to do more training in less time, which with the increased amount of regulations was something they needed to do. In a classroom training the group moves at the pace of the SLOWEST person, in an online training course, employees are free to go at their own pace. It is typical to see an online course take about 50% of the time it would take to complete the same materials with a classroom or workshop style training delivery.

You will also have access to a team of well trained, experienced industry professional trainers should you require in-class training or custom course development.

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3 – with our two options for setting up an account with Sting.

Option 1: Setup an Employer Account right now!

Step 1: Set-up an Employer account for FREE (click here to sign up). 

Step 2: Add trainees (Minimum of 3).

Step 3: Purchase Access Codes and Assign to Trainees - Trainees will automatically be individually emailed their login credentials so they can start training right away!

Option 2: Contact Sting and we will setup account for you.

Step 1: Send us your company details – business name, address, phone, website, contact person name and email address (administrator).

Step 2: Email us a list of staff and training you would like them to take (Minimum of 3 trainees).

Step 3: Sting adds business, company admin, trainees (employees), assigns your desired access codes.

Step 4: Sting sends you a link to pay with CC or can invoice you directly.

Business Discounts

Online Courses Length Retail Business
Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) 40 Hours $149 $125
Alberta Professional Investigator Training (AIT) 60 Hours $249 $199
Manitoba Security Guard Training Program (MSGTP) 40 Hours $249 $195
Saskatchewan Basic Security Training (SBST) 40 Hours $249 $195
WHMIS Certification 4 Hours $40 $25
Safety Orientation Training 1 Hour $25 $10
Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods  3 Hours $40 $25
Supervisor and Management Training 4 Hours $35 $15
Crowd Management 4 Hours $45 $35
Exam Prep for Security Professionals (AB) OPEN $10 $8
Exam Prep for Security Professionals (BC) OPEN $10 $8
Exam Prep for Security Professionals (MB) OPEN $10 $8
Exam Prep Security Professionals (SK) OPEN $10 $8
Exam Prep for Investigators OPEN $10 $8


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