Supervisor and Manager Training

Course Overview:

Prerequisites: None.

Price: $34.99

Accreditation: Certification from Sting Executive Group International.

Length: 2-4 hours.

About the course: This course starts off with a basic Safety Module.  This includes some of the topics of the Safety Orientation but not in as much detail.  It covers legal responsibilities, roles and responsibilities, hazard recognition, workplace inspections, incident investigation, Internal Responsibility System, and Due Diligence.The Communication module covers, how to use questions, power listening, speaking and presenting, corrective action and feedback, and barriers to communication.  This leads into a look at the difference between Management and Leadership and how to inspire and enable employees.  Policies and Procedures covers the important aspect of understanding, communicating and enforcing Policies and Procedures as a Supervisor.  Self Confidence and Trust are essential to build a Supervisor’s credibility and respect of their employees and leads into techniques for better Decision Making.  The course concludes with a module on the importance of Results and Productivity.

Learning outcomes:  People taking this course will have knowledge on:

  • Safety: Expectations and Obligations
  • Communication
  • Management and Leadership
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Self Confidence and Trust
  • Decision Making
  • Results and Productivity

Who should register: This course is intended for a newly hired Supervisor, a person promoted to a Supervisor or Manager position, and people looking to improve their Communication, and Decision Making skills.

Costs and supplies:

Fees: The fee includes access codes for the online course.

Refund policy:  This course is emailed out digitally, and delivered instantly once payment is received.  Therefore, it is impossible for you to return a product for a refund. All sales are final and no refunds will be given.

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